I don't think that Majorca will ever be able to find a greater ambassador than Michael Douglas. The Oscar winner is deeply in love with the Tramuntana mountain range and the beauty of Majorca. In fact, I would almost say that Douglas was talking Tramuntana long before it became an international focal point.

In his interview, which we publish today, Douglas talks about his love for Majorca. “These have been some wonderful months. Majorca has such fantastic weather that allows you to enjoy the Tramuntana more and more. I’ve never seen so many young people walking and hiking along the routes of the mountains. In this situation, that is positive. It is good that young people can get to appreciate how extraordinary the Tramuntana Mountains are.” True words indeed. To be honest it came as a major blow when I heard that Douglas was planning to sell his Majorcan home.

The good news is that he has now decided to keep it and will be spending more time on the island alongside his wife, the Oscar-winning actress Catherine Zeta Jones. There had been a rumour that Catherine didn´t like Majorca or their Valldemossa home. Michael Douglas dispelled this rumour and said that Catherine loved the island and was now the 50 per cent owner of their Majorca home. She also intends to spend more time on the island. In these difficult times it is very comforting to see that Majorca has such fans; people who have the wealth to go anywhere in the world but they select this island. For almost three decades Michael Douglas has been singing the island´s praises, he deserves his very own Majorcan Oscar.