POLITICAL divisions are coming to the surface in both Spain and Britain over the government’s handling of the coronavirus.

To be honest I believe that governments need as much help as they can get at the moment as the virus continues to spread. So has the time come for a government of national unity combining the best of each politicial party? Afterall we are living in exceptional times. It worked successful in Britain during the Second World War and it does mean that government is a “broad church...”

Being in opposition at the moment is very difficult. If you criticise the government too much you can be accused of “talking down your country at a time of national crisis...” but it is your job to oppose the government and to hold them to task. I do not understand why there is not more political co-operation. I would say that the leader of the opposition should be helping rather than opposing but at the same time the Prime Minister should listen to his or her advice.

Spain already has a coalition government with the main left-wing parties being in government and the right wing parties in opposition. It would be difficult but not impossible to strike a compromise deal. I think it is important that the general public see political unity in these difficult times. As I have said in numerous occasions in this space, also, our political leaders are not the best either, so perhaps it is a case of bringing them all together and making a half decent government.