A few weeks ago, Palma town hall generated some confusion by posting what was advance notice of the new speed limits in the city. The confusion was such that there were citizens who were under the impression that 'Palma, Ciudad 30' had already kicked in. How were the citizens to know which roads the 30 kph limit applied to and which roads were to still be above 30 kph?

The town hall had to clarify that the changes hadn't come into effect and that it would be providing full information as and when they were about to - which is the end of this month. A list has now been published of 190 roads that won't be 30 kph; they will either be 40 or 50. Which is very useful, even if the list does invite questions as to why some roads (or stretches of road) are 40 and not 50.

Still, all will doubtless become clear once the "gradual" process of introducing 'Palma, Ciudad 30' is completed. The mobility councillor, Francesc Dalmau, who copped some flak over the introduction of the new bus routes, has explained that road speed signs will be adapted over a period of a couple of months. Everyone will then know what speed they're supposed to be doing.

Very good, but in the meantime, and while the signs are being adapted, are drivers meant to consult the list in order to know what speed they're meant to be doing?