During the first wave of the coronavirus medical staff, quite rightly, received much praise. In Mallorca in lockdown it was not uncommon for hospital staff to get a round of applause every night from people across the island. Medical staff were on the front-line fighting the epidemic and were getting the praise they rightly deserved. But that was back in April.

These same doctors, nurses and other hospital staff are now dealing with the second wave with probably the same amount of work as they had during the lock down but no applause or praise. Why? Do we have such short memories that we no longer believe that these medical heroes and heroines deserve our thanks?

Well, they do and we should show our appreciation. I have nothing but praise for the local health service and we are lucky to have them. Being a nurse, doctor or hospital auxiliary is a vocation, they are obviously not doing it for the money and unfortunately, at the moment, not even for the thanks they get. We would be lost without this dedicated group of professionals who are fighting coronavirus and without them we are nothing. I for one think that we should see a return to the nightly round of applause. It is evident that the battle against the coronavirus is going to be a long one and we should show our appreciation for those who work the hospitals and the medical centres. Thank you again medical staff of Mallorca, you are all champions.