EUROPE appears to be one step away from lockdown and in the midst of one of the worst economic slowdowns since the end of World War 2. You would have thought that all attention would be on fighting the coronavirus but no.

Britain and the European Union are back trading blows over Brexit and whether Britain will secure a trade deal or leave with nothing. At the moment Britain and the rest of Europe have little or nothing to trade because of the lockdown situation. Industry has almost come to an standstill.

I just find it rather amazing that Britain is even contemplating leaving the European Union in the midst of a worldwide pandemic which shows no sign of going away. Even the government has admitted that British business will get a big economic jolt after leaving the European Union and these are companies which are already suffering from the fallout from the coronavirus. Would it be a jolt too far...well probably so.

When is Prime Minister Boris Johnson, in the national interest, going to have the necessary courage to delay Brexit until the coronavirus is finally brought under control? It would be madness to even attempt an economic move of this magnitude. Johnson was elected on his promise to get Brexit done and under normal circumstance I think that everyone would agree to push ahead...but during these difficult times? I think not. The dangers are enormous and now is not the time.