DO you know what amazes me....is how well the people of Mallorca have taken all the restrictions which have been introduced to fight the coronavirus. The Spanish did have a reputation for being more ill-disciplined than their northern European counterparts.

For many years the Spanish were loyal to the adage that rules are there to be broken. But not any more. Unlike other European countries you very rarely spot anyone not wearing a face covering. Smoking has been banned and Majorca's army of smokers have disappeared...in some cases into garages and back streets where they are out of sight. Even the curfew is being followed, home by midnight and that from a place where the party once started at midnight! Of course there is a small army of police on patrol and businesses are well aware of the fines they can receive if they are caught breaking the law.

In fact, the Spanish are openly furious when they see footage of people in some northern European countries who are not wearing a mask. I watched one elderly couple complaining about a man they had seen smoking in the street.

Spain and Mallorca has changed as a direct result of the coronavirus and the people deserve praise. I suppose this was one of the reasons why there was such outrage when the President of the Balearic government, Francina Armengol, was caught in a bar at 1.30a.m. You can see their point, they are towing the line but the Balearic leader isn't.