IN this space a few weeks ago I said that I didn't understand why football stadiums couldn't be opened to a few lucky fans because social distancing in a giant stadium would not be a problem. The same thing could be said about Palma Cathedral.

Yesterday, the Cathedral was a mass of light and beautiful colours as the autumn sunshine streamed through the main window. The perfect eight shone through. However, the Cathedral was closed to the public as a result of the coronavirus regulations and protocols. Instead, the whole event was streamed live on the Cathedral's website. However, a number of people did make their way to the Cathedral but of course, much to their disappointment, they found that the doors were closed. Why? Surely a small number of people could have been allowed access? A sort of lottery system could have been used with the lucky few getting to see it.

I know that restrictions have been introduced for a very good reason and they are obviously needed but it shouldn't mean that the enjoyment is ruined for all. If you can go to a packed supermarket I am sure that you can go to an empty Cathedral or football stadium.

Initially, there was an 23:00 curfew in the Balearics but this was later put back to midnight following complaints from the restaurant and bar trade. I am sure the local government could do the same with other Spain coronavirus protocols; they could be adapted for the Balearics.