TIMES are hard across the UK and all of Europe, the majority of which is on the black list for travel and with furlough schemes coming to their end and people being made redundant, money is going to be hard to come by and while millions of people in England are desperate to go on holiday as soon as possible, Spain may have shot themselves in the foot with the new PCR scheme.

It has had a mixed welcome in England and across the UK because, as things stand at the moment, Britons planning on coming to Majorca or Spain will have to pay for the PCR themselves.

But, while holidays to Spain are usually relatively affordable, new coronavirus testing requirements mean that an average family holiday to Spain could cost £500 more - and failure to comply with the new Spanish travel regulations could results in a 6,000 euro fine.

So, the million euro question is how many Britons are going to be prepared or even able to pay for the PCR tests? There are rumours that some of the tour operators, aware of how the PCR rules may put potential clients off Spain, are looking into covering the costs themselves. But, the tourist industry is not exactly flush with cash right now and will want to keep expenditure to a minimum as it attempts to claw back its losses. Plus, with so few hotels and attractions open in Majorca, people are sadly wondering if it’s worth coming for a short break.


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John Parkinson / Hace 11 months

Obviously Jane and Dave should get together.The perfect couple.What intelligent conversations they could have about the way foreword and the means to bring prosperity to the island. A photo of this perfect couple would be helpful as it would no doubt give us lesser tourists something to aspire to.


Jane / Hace 11 months

Totally agree with comment below. Every time I see badly dressed drunk people behaving badly its invariably a British person. And another thing, why are virtually all British men over 40 fat and bald with fading tats? So ugly!


Dave / Hace 11 months

I think it is great news. Only well off people with big spending power will be able to afford to come to Mallorca. This is exactly the tourist we need. Forget about the low spending pub dwelling, english breakfast eating, drunken tatooed riff raff. This is great news.