FRANCE is calling for Europe to militarily defend itself and not rely so heavily on the U.S. Spain and Germany have dismissed the idea. But France could have just opened a can of worms. Donald Trump has long complained that European nations were not paying enough for their own defence and on this point he was right.

The majority of European states are quite happy to have a meagre defence budget and allow the U.S. to keep watch and guard. But times are changing and the size of the U.S. military in Europe is being gradually reduced with troops being moved elsewhere. If you look at the military strength of Europe, it is just a shadow of what the U.S. has in its arsenal. France has had to ask Britain for military help in its peacekeeping operations in the African republic of Mali because it has a major shortage of big troop carrying helicopters. Only Britain has large transport aircraft.

Most armchair generals agree that without the U.S. organistions such as NATO are finished. All NATO members are meant to spend two percent of their GDP on defence, only a handful actually do so with Spain at the bottom of the list. I am sure that the future U.S. administration would be very pleased if European states bolstered their defences like France is suggesting but the French idea is for Europe to go it alone. The idea of a European defence force has been on the table for many years but it simply doesn't make sense and could offend the U.S.


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f4phixeruk / Hace 11 months

"France left NATO between 1966 and 2009 because President Charles DeGaulle resented the idea that France wasn't on an equal military and nuclear footing with the United States and wanted more independence for French troops.".

They came back in 2009 because "French President Nicolas Sarkozy confirmed on Wednesday that France will be rejoining NATO's military command structure, saying the move was in the best security interests of his country and of Europe. ... "The national interest of France must lead to a return to NATO," he added."

Funny how they now want to break up NATO.