WHEN Palma’s new Son San Joan airport was built, the local government got into trouble with Brussels for failing to have erected a gigantic sign which stated that it had been built for the main part with EU funding and I think the local government is heading for another showdown with Brussels.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been treated to the presentations of a host of major projects, such as the trams to the hospital and the airport and the extension of the railway network to Arta and the east coast - with the Balearic government expecting to be able to use European Union Covid recovery funds to settle the bills.

I don’t think the European Union clubbed together billions of euros for new infrastructure projects. I was under the impression that the emphasis was on socio-economic revival, to help the economy and industry (tourism) recover, to ease the pressure on the strained health services, try and stem the rise in unemployment, support the homeless and help society as a whole recover from the negative impact of the pandemic.

Doctors have informed me they are braced for a post pandemic wave of multiple medical, physical and mental, health problems, the vaccines will not solve everything. Yes, they are impressive projects but I think the EU wants us to get back on our feet before we start leaping onto new trams and trains.


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