IT had been widely expected. The measures which were announced by the Balearic government yesterday are pretty radical and some would say that they have effectively banned Christmas.

My thoughts go out to all those who work in a bar or restaurant. But I suppose we were warned. For the Balearic government to take such radical action the situation must be very serious. The number of Covid cases in Mallorca has been steadily rising over the last few weeks. Everything has been blamed from Black Friday shopping to the Christmas lights for the alarming increase in cases.

The local government, in fairness, had little option but to take action but you couldn’t really say that they had the situation under control. OK, you can always be wise with the benefit of hindsight but I would say that the local authorities should have introduced more restrictions earlier rather than later.

I know that the local government was under great economic and social pressure, but I think that reversing their initial decision on the curfew (first announcing it would be at 11pm then changing it to 12p.m.) was rather short sighted. Perhaps, there should have been even greater control over shoppers during Black Friday. Whatever the answers we are now in a difficult situation, probably the biggest since lockdown. I think we all have a duty to follow the governments rules and regulations and hopefully we will be able to come through this nightmare state of affairs.


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Rich / Hace 12 months

I agree Jason, the sky rocketing deaths and shortage of ICU'S fully justify wrecking the economy and the inevitable rise in mental health issues not to mention the effects on society caused by 'informants'. The overall situation thanks to over zealous anti-covid restrictions will cause both the breakdown of the economy and the social structure. PS..covid will never be totally irradicated, but don't tell Francis that she thinks she can.


Mark Badoer / Hace 12 months

I think a lot of people haven't forgotten Armengol and her happy hour in a bar, breaking her own curfew rules. So many people still joke or remark about it and think: why should I bother, if she just gets away with it.


Ray Crosby / Hace 12 months

We find ourselves in a similar situation. We were intending to apply for residency this year but have been unable to travel to Mallorca due to COVID restriction and the fact we have to drive from the UK because we have a dog. But to correct your comment above, the post Brexit rule apparently limits stays in the EU to 90 days in 180, so it is possible to make two 90 day trips in 365 days. It still effectively means owning property that you can neither rent nor live in a poor investment.