HE was a man who inspired a nation and proved that age or circumstances are not a barrier to do good and help the community. Captain Tom led a relatively normal life; serving in World War 2 and then returning to work and starting a family. His moment of glory came when he was 100 years old. I don’t think anyone was not moved by his sponsored walk raising millions for the Health Service.

But what struck me about Captain Tom was that he was an eternal optimist; tomorrow will be better. His legacy must live on; the courage he showed is an example to us all of all ages. We are going to need the willpower and optimism of Captain Tom to get through these uncertain times and nurse our society back to health again. As governments have warned; there are tough times ahead and then the real battle to get the economy moving again will start. Tomorrow will be better and we must never forget that or Captain Tom. The two go hand-in-hand.