I must admit I have become a fan of The Mallorca Files. While I have been quite harsh on some of the acting and the script of the season series, it is still good afternoon viewing and the camera shots of Majorca are second to none. We in the Bulletin offices have developed a routine over lunch-time. Quick lunch at your desk and then The Mallorca Files. It has become part of the new normal! Perhaps things will change when President Francina Armengol allows restaurant and bars to re-open again, but at the moment it is the order of the day. On behalf of the staff at the Bulletin I would like to thank the BBC for deciding to have a re-run of the first series because otherwise our lunch-break would be missing a vital element! There is talk of a third series which would be fantastic. As a fan of the programme I would make some changes, perhaps more scenic shots of the island...because at the moment our tourist industry needs all the help it can get.

The fact that the second series went ahead with all the coronavirus restrictions should be applauded. Yes, I would say that the first series is better than the second but afterall filming was taking place under some very difficult conditions. Also, there are four missing episides of the second series...which have been written are ready to roll. The Mallorca Files may not be everyone’s cup of tea or cafe con leche but in these hard times where there is a shortage of good news it does take you away to the Majorca summer.