IS the end in sight? I sincerely hope so but I must admit we’ve had false dawns before. It does appear likely now that we will have a summer season, probably starting in June, and later than initially thought. The British travel industry appears to be confident that travel will be possible after May. British tour firms have also signalled that the middle of May will be a key time also to decide whether they can introduce their summer schedule.

The British government of Boris Johnson is under increasing pressure to allow foreign holidays this year. The vaccine passports could be key. It is interesting to note that the government has now backtracked and has said that they may be introduced in time for this summer. This would allow tourists to come to Mallorca earlier rather than later. Certain sections of the British travel industry have called on the public to get booking and ignore government warnings.

And it is not just the British; the Germans have said that they may not allow holidays over Easter which will also come as a blow for the local tourist industry. But lets face it in the space of a week we have gone from no holiday season at all this year to hope that things might get going from May and June.

It is still early days and I am sure that there are going to be further highs and lows. One thing for sure; both the British and Mallorcan tourists industries have underlined the fact that the industry needs to get moving providing it is safe. Fingers crossed that it won’t be a summer on hold.