I would ask the local authorities to dispense with silly legislation during the hard economic times. A prime example is the children´s park and picnic areas on Puerto Pollensa beach.

The Coast Department had asked the council to remove these popular areas because in their view they are an eyesore. There was an outcry not just here but in Britain with hundreds of Pollensa fans taking to our website to complain. Thankfully the Coastal Department have had a change of heart. So we are back to square one. Another piece of senseless legislation is the tourist tax. It should be scrapped for this year and the local government should have a long and hard think about its future. I would say that it does more harm than good; more money would probably be raised by asking tourists to make a voluntary contribution to maintain the island’s natural beauty when they leave. And there is alot of other senseless legislation knocking about.

A ban on all inclusive alcohol in package deals in Magalluf is another chestnut. If the local authorities feel strongly about this issue then ban it completly not just in Magalluf. If the island´s tourist industry is to get back on its feet we need to be welcoming tourists back with opened arms, not senseless legislation. There are plenty of issues involving the tourist industry which do need attention from improving resorts to controlling unruly behaviour. So until the sun is shining just stick to the big issues.