I am rather concerned. The Mallorca tourist industry appears to be on the back-foot and Greece appears to be on pole position. Reports in the British media yesterday suggested that Greece is preparing to welcome tourists from May. In fact, they are already in talks with the British government. Greece says that as long as you can prove that you have been vaccinated then you can go to Greece on holiday.

In fact, the Greek government is busy vaccinating travel industry staff so that everything is ready for the May take-off. Now, obviously this may be wishful thinking on behalf of the Greeks and to a lesser extent the British but Greece does appear to have got its act together and is making all the right sounds about the holiday season. British travel firms have also increased their programme to Greece and according to TUI UK, Crete has overtaken Mallorca.

So what are the local tourist authorities doing? Well to be honest .. not a lot. The Balearic government has said that it wants to pioneer the introduction of the vaccine passport but apart from that....not much else. I know that it is highly unlikely that British tourists will be able to come to our shores much before June or July and holidays in the short-term could be wishful thinking but there is always hope.

After a terrible and dramatic year the local authorities should be busy trying to welcome back British tourists and at the same time raising their hopes that soon, they may be able to visit our island.