PABLO Iglesias,who quit as Spanish Deputy Prime Minister, is blamed by some, for all the ills of the Spanish government. His radical left wing Party, Podemos, has been in coalition with the Spanish Socialist Party of Pedro Sanchez, for almost two years.

A former political science lecturer, Iglesias rose to prominence in 2014 proposing a leftist alternative to austerity-based politics after the global financial crisis.

Podemos has continued to be a major force in Spanish politics with Iglesias attracting much criticism. There is often talk of a rift between Iglesias and Sanchez and his departure from the cabinet will be welcomed by some but it must be said that Podemos will continue to be in coalition with PSOE.

His announcement yesterday was a big surprise, especially as he says that he will be standing in the Madrid local elections. According to opinion polls, his party might struggle to secure any seats in Madrid’s regional assembly.

However, Iglesias is looking to join forces with rival Mas Madrid, which spun off from Unidas Podemos in 2019 and is set to be the third biggest party in the vote, according to polls.

Madrid’s regional administration is in charge of health policy and is responsible for its own coronavirus response and vaccine rollout. Iglesias will certainly make the election more high profile. It is certainly a gamble from the Podemos leader because he could be left with nothing. From Deputy PM to political wilderness...