OVER the last seven days we have received numerous calls from readers who are experiencing problems with their paper-work.

A handful of readers said that their travel discount had been refused because Britain was no longer a member of the European Union.

This is obviously not the case and British citizens whose paperwork is in order are entitled to the discount.

The key words here are having your paperwork in order.

The Foreign Office has been telling us for the last 12 months to get our paperwork in order before the Brexit shut-off and really there are no excuses.

The Spanish authorities have made it easy to get the new TIE residence cards even recruiting additional staff at the Foreigner’s Office in Palma.

As we have said it is a simple process. Obviously, there are going to be some teething problems and also over-zealous staff who may jump to the wrong conclusions.

But the bottom-line is that as long as you are legal, you are alright. As regards the vaccine, the roll-out in Spain has been slow.

Many people are still waiting even in the “at risk age groups....” It is a question of keep calm and carry on.

As I have said in this space before, the best thing to do is get proper advice and don’t listen to rumours.

I remember my father having sleepless nights over paperwork in Spain only to discover later that he had just been given the wrong information.

If you haven’t got a residence permit and you have been in Spain for 90 days you do have a problem. But problems can be easily solved.