A metal figure of a football player with a ball is seen in front of the words "European Super League" | DADO RUVIC

IT would be the talking point for days if not weeks. When you walked into any office, bar or workship in Mallorca the topic of the conversation usually revolved around football and generally Real Madrid or Barcelona. If the two teams played each other then it would be a talking point for days. But that was then and this is now.

Football is no longer as interesting for Spaniards because it is hardly discussed anymore or certainly not in the detail it once was. Of course there is still massive interest in football but I do get the impression that the glory days of two decades ago are gone. I think the big TV companies are to blame. There is simply too much football on TV. You can watch a live Spanish league match almost every night and then of course there is the Champions League, Europa League and King´s Cup.

What has happened? The so-called neutrals, not the direhard soccer fans, but those who had a certain interest in football, are switching off. The new Super-League obviously favours the big teams and could bring back the “neutrals” because they will be watching some of the top teams in Europe play each other on a regular basis.

But what is the difference between the Super League and the Champions League? Well, to be very honest not alot although the big founding teams will always be in the competition. Football does need to change but is this the way forward? I don´t think so because it favours the big over the small. Small clubs are all part of the joys of football.