Travel traffic light system | T.V.

If you read the local Spanish newspapers or any local media it appears that it is Boris Johnson, the British Prime Minister, who will decide when British tourists can come to our shores.

Everyone is looking to May 17, when international travel is expected to be allowed in Britain, to discover when the holiday season will begin. But sadly Johnson could give the green light but Spain could switch on red.

At the moment Britain is still on Spain´s red list, and the only people who can travel here from Britain (apart from a few exceptions) are Spanish citizens and British residents (of Spain). So British tourists could be caught in a Catch 22 situation; Britain says Go, Spain stays Stop.

This ban has been enforced since January and it is hoped that it will be ended soon. And it is being vigourosly enforced. There have been cases that British citizens have arrived in Spain only to be turned back at the airport. Many others have not been alllowed to board their flights in Britain.

There was a moment of joy earlier this year when it was announced that British citizens would be allowed to travel abroad to buy a home. Local estate agents were on red alert. But no, Britain says yes, Spain says no.

It does seems amazing when you consider the importance of British tourism to Spain to find Britain on its red list and a time when more than half of the population in Britain has been vaccinated. So for Brits to head to Palmanova or Pollensa, both Britain and Spain have to stay go.