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The Balearic Minister for Tourism and Vice-president, Iago Negueruela, said yesterday that the simple reason the Balearics was not given the green light to go when the UK unveiled its travel traffic light was due to continuing high levels of infection in other parts of mainland Spain.

He accused a number of regions, in particular Madrid, of having been too flexible and failing to have enforced what measures they had in place. He said the same applies to the Basque Country where incidence levels are also alarmingly high.

He repeated that the Balearic government submitted a plea to the British government to give the Balearics special consideration, but he admitted that the UK had made it clear from the start that the traffic light system would be drawn up on a country-by-country basis, not regional, hence why there have been no safe air corridors permitted to the Balearics or Greece, for example.

Negueruela appears to have finally placed his cards on the table and come clean - he has made it clear where the Balearics stands and it is no fault of the UK.

Apart from high incidence rates on the mainland, the slow vaccine roll out has also go to be taken into account. And, until that is well up to speed, by the times Britons do get the green light for Mallorca, hotels rooms may be hard to find if they get snapped up by domestic tourists.