Majorca. | TONI DIEZ

It is all very well Spain lamenting that they didn´t make Britain´s “Green list” but it must be remembered that British tourists couldn´t have headed to Spanish beaches on May 17 because they are still barred. Britain is on Spain´s “Red List” and the next review is at the end of this month, so British tourists were never going to be able to come to Spain much before June.

Both the Spanish and British travel industries should be moaning at the Spanish government rather than Boris Johnson and his team. The British government had made it very clear that there would only be limited international travel after May 17. Both Spain and Britain are being very cautious.

There had been reports that so-called safe air corridors could be opened-up between the Balearics and Britain because the islands have a lower rate of Covid than the rest of the country. It had been widely rumoured that both the Canary Islands and the Balearics would be welcoming British tourists earlier rather than later. But in the end it all came to nothing. Some would say that it was wishful thinking on our part.

It is now widely viewed that the Balearics will start welcoming British tourists in June or even early July. It is hoped that the season will be extended to November. The Balearic government were in Germany yesterday, they should really travel to Britain as soon as possible because once travel is permitted on a large scale competition is going to be exceptionally tough.