So just what is going to happen to Magalluf? The British travel industry are in the dark; they don´t know if they should be promoting the resort or sending their clients elsewhere. Flashback to February 2020; the Balearic government introduced legislation aiming at curbing bad behaviour in Magalluf.

New rules and regulations were introduced to curb bars and night-spots and certain types of all inclusive package holidays were banned. The Balearic government proudly stated that they were going to bring Magalluf under control. Then the pandemic hit and that was it; not a word has been said since.

While supportive of the government´s attempts to curb bad behaviour, the British travel industry warned that the local authorities were taking the fun out of Magalluf. What they want to know is whether the new legislation still stands or it has been quietly forgotten. Many people believe that it is a golden opportunity to change the resort and take it up-market.

Others say that it should be left how it is but there should be a crackdown on bad behaviour. There is a concern that when tourists do start arriving in large numbers, the island will not be ready for them. Hotels which have been closed for almost two years will not be prepared.

The British tourist industry says that the island needs to be ready and also they have called for some clarity from the local authorities regarding Magalluf and its future. At the moment it appears to be rather uncertain.


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Mike R / Hace 8 months

So, cracking down on unacceptable behaviour equates to stopping people having fun?

Gimme a break!


Colin / Hace 8 months

I do not understand why Mallorca would need Magalluf - drunken yobs, hen and stag nights, drugs, prostitutes. Surely, this is the time to upgrade the Mallorca tourism scene and aim high. More money, less vandalism and crime, less sick on the streets. More friendly atmosphere, less lowlife. The only people wanting it are the few bar owners who fleece the system, probably commit tax fraud and turn a blind eye to under age drinking and drugs. Is this really what Mallorca wants?


Phil / Hace 8 months

Close it down, no one will miss it. Young drunken tattooed people will go to Cyprus instead and Mallorca will not miss them one jot.