The island is now one of the top nautical spots in the Mediterranean | Palma Boat show


The Balearic nautical fair, which got underway in Palma yesterday, is a shining example of the island´s vibrant industry. I would say that it is one of the unsung heroes of the local economy; it generates millions of euros for it and employs thousands of men and women. It is also a very international industry with people of all nationalities involved.

As a result of the hardwork and dedication of the industry on Majorca, the island is now one of the top nautical spots in the Mediterranean and hopefully this will continue. Brexit has thrown some spanners into the works and there is still some uncertainty over qualifications and taxes but the future for the industry does look bright.

I would say, however, that the local authorities could probably do more to help the industry. Millions of euros is spent every year on promoting the tourist industry so perhaps it is time to start promoting the island´s first rate nautical industry as well.

You can safely say that anyone who can afford to charter a mega-yacht is going to spend far more than at least 100 package holidaymakers! I am so pleased that the Boat Show has gone ahead this year because it is an opportunity to let the industry shine.

Obviously this year the show is smaller than usual but a big effort has certainly been made by all involved. Hopefully, it will be a successful fair and the Balearics will be able to continue to be one of the main nautical centres of the Mediterranean.