“The European Union announcement this week that British tourists were barred”

“The European Union announcement this week that British tourists were barred”

05-06-2021Emilio Queirolo

“ European Union governments agreed on Wednesday to add Japan to their small list of countries from which they will allow nonessential travel, while holding off until at least mid-June for British tourists, EU sources said on Tuesday.”

This was a report we published on Thursday, so why is everyone so upset that the Balearics/Spain was not on Britain´s Green List when British tourists couldn´t come to Spain anyhow? It does appear that one hand doesn´t really know what the other is doing.

This is a big problem at the moment. There are different regulations for different countries which is making the whole process even more confusing. And to add yet more confusion there was a report that Spain would allow British tourists to visit even without a PCR test starting this month.

So Spain is effectively saying Yes to British tourists but the British government and the European Union says No.

Clear as mud, I would say. So now we have to wait until the end of this month to discover if and when British tourists can come to Spain providing the British government lifts the ban along with the European Union.

Britain is being blasted in Spain for not allowing travel but surely Brussels should take some of the blame as well? In this difficult times what is needed is clarity and this is sadly lacking when it comes to travel at the moment. We all knew that it was going to be a difficult time for the tourist industry but it must be ready in July to hopefully welcome the Brits.


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Steve, Son Maties / Hace 6 months

The British givernment hasn't banned people from coming to Spain, it's just that they have to self-isolate and take tests on their return. They recommend essential travel only in the amber sector, but this is open to interpretation, and there is no way the self-isolation can be enforced, which is why it was a mistake having an amber list in the first place. Green or Red, that's enough for even the thickest of skulls to understand.


Brett Dennis / Hace 6 months

Well said Mr Moore.


chris atkin / Hace 6 months

We have amazingly high levels of vaccination. The EU is woeful. Try looking within for the answer. We are rightly protecting our borders. Something leaving the EU has given as a long overdue right and ability to so do. Get yourselves vaccinated and we will return.


Leo / Hace 6 months

It is apparent that neither UK or EE Governments are prepared to take the risk of spreders of the still new variants when it is not clear how effective vaccines are against them. That would seem sensible.. Judgements here could cause longer lasting problems here .If things are rushed.


david / Hace 6 months

Great article. You really expect anything else but confusion when the Spanish Government and the EU can’t sing off the same Hymn sheet!!!! Just look at their vaccination program. Utter chaos!!!