Rogue caravans and motor homes have become a problem, there is a simple solution. | R.L.

From Palma to Pollensa, convoys of caravans and motor homes parking up in residential areas, many of them prime coastal spots, are causing serious problems. Palma City Council has now banned them from areas such as Portixol and Ciudad Jardin, but the problem has not gone away.

Now, residents in Puerto Pollensa are up in arms over the arrival of a new wave of motor homes.

The various authorities responsible for resolving the problem are busy passing the buck, letters are being written but no concrete replies are forthcoming. But I don’t see the problem.

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Why does not the government use some of the tourist tax to set up a proper camp site?
I doubt it would involve serious investment and, apart from easing the tension being caused in coastal residential areas, it would open a new tourism market.

Not only are Spaniards big campers, be it with their tents or caravans, so too are the Northern Europeans. I was once a truck driver for what was the UK’s largest camping company and they had, and still have, hundreds of excellent camp sites all over Europe and they are extremely popular.

In this post pandemic era where more and more people want to be outdoors in the fresh air and in their little bubbles, camping could surely form part of the future of tourism.
Plus with Majorca’s great climate, it would be an all year attraction.