It is no longer the moment to keep calm and carry on, action needs to be taken. | STRINGER

The Balearic government has to take some serious action to bring the curve in rising cases of Covid down. There is no longer room for gestures, such as banning the sale of alcohol after 10pm in the key resorts.

The Balearics need to send out the right message and be seen to be responding to being demoted from green to amber seriously.

Yes, on the one hand, the UK’s double-jab travel scheme does keep the holiday doors to the Balearics open for the best part of 40 million Britons, but who is to say that the vast majority are planning on a Balearic holiday.

Plus, for those that were planning on booking the Balearics, the demotion and the rising number of cases, may make them think twice.

We all know the key medical data is that regarding pressure on hospitals, at that remains relatively low in the Balearics, but it appears that people are looking at the top figure, case numbers, and they are far from acceptable in the Balearics.

A mounting number of regions on the mainland are reintroducing curfews to tackle the rise in cases, perhaps it is time the Balearics considers taking a similar approach.

Street parties are illegal, but they continue to break out across the island, even in small villages where the police presence is stretched. The problem is no longer in the resorts, it’s spreading across the island along with Covid.