The British Transport Secretary is apparently going to stick to his review agenda. | MDB files


It would appear that the Balearics have been given a stay of execution and will not be moved to amber-plus at least until the next review of the travel traffic light during the first week in August.

And, the British Transport Secretary, Grant Shapps, is said to be furious over the way in which he was “bounced” into adding France to the list.

Shapps has since “won a commitment within government to ensure that there would be no further additions until August 2”.

Despite this, ministers have reportedly “left open the possibility that measures could still be imposed at short notice if rates of the variant continue to rise.”

So, on the one hand nothing changes until August 2, while on the other, travel restrictions could be altered with minimal warning - not great for consumer confidence nor the global tourist industries, tour operators and airlines.

A pandemic record number of Britons may well be flying abroad for a holiday this weekend, but are they going to be really able to relax and put all their troubles behind them while Westminster continues to squabble over who can travel where, when and how?

I sincerely hope that Shapps sticks to his word and does not mess the Balearics about because we are now in the middle of July and any last minute surprises would cause serious damage to the season.