“The Balearic government is in a difficult situation as the number of cases continue to rise...” | JOSEP BAGUR GOMILA¶

If you were the leader of the Balearic government what would you do in this situation? Cases of the coronavirus are rising, Germany and Britain have said that only tourists who have received both jabs can avoid quarantine when they get home and some restrictions have been re-introduced...answers on a postcard please. The Balearics is in a very difficult situation and I do have some sympathy for the local government.

If they introduce more restrictions such as a curfew or order bars and restaurants to close earlier, they will face a massive backlash but at the same time case numbers are on the increase. With 90 percent of the local economy involved in tourism there is growing concern about the economic future of the island.

This will be the second season “without tourists.” Granted that there are some holidaymakers on the island but probably not enough. Is the local economy too dependent on tourism? Well the simple answer is Yes. It might be an idea if attempts were made to diversify the local economy.

Lets face it Mallorca is a fantastic place to live and I am sure that companies could be persuaded to setup on the island especially at the Parc Bit technology park. I think the Balearic government should start a charm offensive and try and secure investment from both Spanish and foreign companies.

Obviously, it will be no easy task. But something needs to be done. When the sun was shining being so dependent on tourism was not a problem but Covid has changed things dramatically and it could mean that the travel industry will never be the same again. Start planning for the future, is my advice.