While Spain struggled to revive tourism, Mallorca has topped the Euro league. | MDB files

Palma airport out performed all other tourist destinations this summer, according to a report published yesterday by Forwardkeys based on air ticket sales.
But, when it comes to countries, Spain was only ranked sixth in Europe with regards to tourist recovery this summer.

Greece, Cyprus and Turkey were the main destinations in the recovery of foreign visitors.
Greece managed to achieve 85.7 per cent of 2019 foreign tourist arrivals this summer during July and August, while Spain ranks sixth with 50.5 per cent recovery.

And, the relative disappearance of long-haul visitors, who tend to stay longer, spend more and focus their attention on cities and sightseeing, has significantly affected major European tourist cities.

This is the case of London, which ranked at the bottom of the busiest European cities, achieving only 14.2% of arrivals in 2019.

But, that list was topped by Palma which achieved 71.5 per cent of 2019 levels and this has got to be taken into account by the Balearic authorities.

Mallorca is clearly, despite all of the hurdles travellers have faced this year, a leading destination but what none of us can afford to do is rest on our laurels.

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What ever one thinks of tourism, it is what we all live from in one form or other and we all have a responsibility to make sure that Mallorca remains Europe’s top spot.