“There have been calls for change within the tourist industry....” | plozano


The Mayor of Calvia, Alfonso Rodriguez, made a landmark speech this month in which he said that we should change the tourist industry not giving so much importance to numbers; in other words fewer tourists but spending more.

I think the majority of people who live here would welcome a greater balance, fewer tourists in the peak months but a longer season. Obviously, this is in an ideal world and of course market forces are at work; most people want to come on holiday during the peak months because of the weather, the sun and beach are still Majorca´s prime attractions.

The Mayor´s speech reflects a new school of thought which was knocking around before the pandemic hit, that Majorca was close to reaching its limit on the number of tourists. That was back in 2019. Things have obviously changed but some on the island think that the tourist industry should be managed differently. With the reports that the industry will make a full recovery in 2022 these “thoughts for the future” are becoming even more relevant.

I do think that Majorca could become a holiday destination in the winter months, centred around Palma, because this is where the hotels are open. To be honest I think that few people could be persuaded to go to the resorts during the winter months even if more businesses were open. I think Rodriguez has started an interesting debate. Change is needed but is now the right time?