Me stretching downstairs in front of the beautiful Mediterranean sea. | Amanda Jeffrey

The children may be going back to school but here in Mallorca “the holiday life” continues for sure for those who so wish. The paradise beaches are less crowded, the water is still warm and the average daytime temperature is around 27 degrees. No need for the Caribbean because paradise is right here!

I studied English Philology in Germany because, as you already know, I wanted to know more about my mum’s language and improve my German. Two birds with one stone indeed! The point is I lived in Germany for more than four years, talk often to my German friends and they tell me that autumn has been there for a while... Doesn’t that really give you a vacation vibe?

The delicious barbecue my hubby prepared at home in front of the island of Cabrera.

Most people I know, who visit Mallorca out of the high season, fall in love with our countryside and mountain landscape and many of them end up living here! My cousin is a barrister in London and his commute takes roughly the same time as it does to fly here! It does make you think, doesn’t it? I used to have to commute a lot to Madrid before the pandemic and now I feel absolutely privileged to be able to do most of my Pronunciation Workshops because of “El Book de Amanda” online from home.

Me coming back from our exhilarating swim!

On Friday afternoon I interviewed the Education Councillor regarding the new academic year and going back to school (which you will be able to read on Wednesday) and straight after that my hubby and I went, of course, to Colònia de Sant Jordi for enjoying the slow life and had a lovely barbecue on our terrace in front of the sea. I believe the latter makes everything taste even better than ever. Doesn’t that look delicious? It really was!

Then we watched a film together with my parents, which is supposed to be a classic but I’m afraid I had never seen it, “Dirty Harry” with Clint Eastwood in his youth! When it finished my father scared Victor a little bit because he said: “Em vaig a colgar”. Colgar in Catalan means to go to bed, but in Spanish it means to hang something. My father wanted to go to bed but my husband, being Spanish from Palencia (Castilla León), still didn’t know this linguistic term.

As you can imagine, we had quite a laugh before going to bed, which was brilliant and better than any medicine. On Saturday I woke up with the blissful sea breeze, happy, rested and looking forward to another summer day. As always when in Colònia de Sant Jordi, I had a lovely breakfast and went downstairs for doing my stretching, which as I already told you, simply helps me start the day better!

The local seafood tacos I was telling you about!

We continued with an exhilarating long swim but couldn’t do it in our favourite spot because the sea was a bit rough, however, we went closer to the Es Palmer Beach and enjoyed a different route for a change. My hubby got angry, quite rightly, because a speed boat was getting too close to the shore. It would probably be a good idea for charter companies to explain to clients the minimum distance from the shore (usually 200 metres) they must respect in order to avoid accidents. Wouldn’t you agree?

After that adventurous swim we went out for lunch at the restaurant “Cinc Illes” (Five Islands) in the port. We had some lovely tapas, views of the port and obviously the best company in the world. We all agreed that the food was different in a good way. My father and hubby are excellent chefs, so when eating out they specially appreciate food that is difficult to prepare and needs a lot of work in the kitchen.

We all agree our favourite tapa was the local seafood tacos. Original and delicious. How does that look?

In Mallorca we have the great privilege of enjoying pleasant temperatures and good weather throughout the year. September is a gift for residents and the lucky holiday makers! The local culture and gastronomy bloom and you feel the true atmosphere of this magical island. Even for us, the lucky ones who were born or live here, Majorca never ceases to surprise us.