“Will Spain´s most wanted man finally be extradited to face the courts?” | YVES HERMAN


Will Spain finally get their man? Carles Puigdemont, Catalan separatist leader and the figurehead behind the illegal Catalan referendum, was detained by Italian police yesterday. Spain wants him extradited where he will face the courts over his role in the referendum and Catalonia´s failed proclamation of independence. Puigdemont fled to Brussels and successfully fought off extradition attempts by the Spanish government.

He even became a Member of the European Parliament but his immunity from arrest was removed. Now, Spain could finally be in position to get the man who has been a thorn in their side for years. Spain´s failure to get Puigdemont and bring him to trial has led to much ridicule especially in Catalonia. He is considered Spain's most wanted man.

His detention yesterday could lead to a further escalation between the Spanish government and Catalonia, where 50 percent of the population want a breakaway from Spain. For the independence movement, Puigdemont, is considered a hero and the face of Catalan independence; for Spanish unionists he is an enemy of the state. Spain can´t really let him get away again.

If an Italian judge rules against extradition it would be a major blow for the Spanish government who would become a laughing stock in some sections of the community in Catalonia but if Spain gets their man, then it would be mission accomplished.