“The time has come for James Bond to say goodbye...” | MDB files


I admit I am a big fan of James Bond. Apart from No Time to Die, I have seen all the 007 films. My favourite Bond, obviously Roger Moore and my top film, The Spy Who Loved Me. These movies have given me many hours of enjoyment and I say this with a heavy heart but the time has come for James Bond to park up his Aston Martin and say goodbye.

I believe that No Time to Die, should be the last Bond film with 007 quitting while he is ahead. There is a danger that Bond could become outdated and even old fashioned in this new era of films which are being produced at the moment. The outgoing Bond, Daniel Craig, is right to say that the cinema is the place for 007 not on a streaming service but obviously times are changing.

Overall, I believe that Craig has been a decent Bond with Casino Royale and Skyfall being exceptional. I remember interviewing the late, great British film director Guy Hamilton, who directed four James Bond films; he told me that Bond films always needed to be fresh with fantastic settings from across the globe. This “freshness” appears to be disappearing from the Bond films.

I want to remember 007 films as they have always been, good entertainment. I will watch No Time To Die but I have heard that it is rather long and drawn out. Now, ofcourse there is a possibility that Bond could re-invent himself but I am not convinced. It is always difficult to say goodbye but the time has come for retirement. Enough is enough.