View of the luxury villa in Benahavis, where British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is spending a few days on holiday. | Jorge Zapata

I say this with a heavy heart but from the shores of Mallorca Britain appears to be in a bit of a mess and the good ship Great Britain doesn´t appear to have anyone at the wheel because the Prime Minister has gone away on holiday. Now is not the time. Everyone is entitled to a holiday but there are some exceptions, the Prime Minister being top of the list, especially during moments of crisis. Boris Johnson has always wanted to be Prime Minister so he realised that he would have to make sacrifices, a family holiday in the sun falls into this category.

He needs to be at his desk so the Great British public know who is in charge. Who is running Britain at the moment? Answers on a postcard, please. Johnson was also quick to point out the joys of holidaying in Britain. I think he even said it was good for the British economy which needs all the help it can get at the moment. Now, Johnson supporters will say that it is a working holiday and he is never far from the telephone because he is still in charge.

Well, perhaps he shouldn´t have gone on holiday in the first place. At the moment British households are facing the prospect of supply shortages over the Christmas period. I will not go into the reasons for the lack of resources but I am sure that the British government could have done something about it earlier rather than later.

My advice, to Prime Minister Boris Johnson? If you feel the need for a holiday in the sun then perhaps you shouldn´t be PM.