Police officers. | HENRY NICHOLLS

I was walking through Palma the other day and I watched a senior local politician walk by accompanied by his bodyguard. He is quite a controversial figure so I am not really surprised that he has his own security. Until recently the President of the Balearic government was always escorted by at least two police officers because of the terror threat from the Basque terrorist organisation, ETA.

Times have changed but most senior Balearic political figures have some form of security. Having seen this I have always been rather amazed at the lack of protection given to British politicians. In the days when Conservative MPs were frequent visitors to Majorca I was astounded that they were not accompanied by a police officer or a security guard. Not even William Hague, then leader of the opposition, had any visible bodyguard or security officer when he came to the island.

Spanish colleagues were amazed. So taking all this into account it is time for British Members of Parliament to have security. In the light of the murder of MP David Amess a complete review into their protection needs to be ordered.

Until the review is carried out the government should ensure that they are protected at all times, even if it means having full police security. Times have changed, the terror threat in Britain is high. Even law and order is in the spotlight.

It is vital that MPs are able to meet and talk to their constituents but at the same time they need to be better protected. Is it too much to ask the Home Office to provide an officer to police a constituency meeting of an MP? I don´t think so.