Climate change has got to be tackled and now, even though it may be too late. | MDB files


The world will be watching COP26 in Glasgow at the end of this month and many leading environmentalists, in particular climate-change activist Greta Thunberg, have gone on the record claiming nothing will change.

As far as Thunberg is concerned, world leaders will talk plenty and then proceed to do little, if anything. Even Queen Elizabeth was caught expressing her doubts about what will be achieved and who is attending.

There are plenty of people attending. Apart from key world leaders, some 260 countries will be represented and my query is how exactly are all these attendants from across the globe going to be travelling to Glasgow, by plane no doubt and what kind of carbon footprint are they going to be laying down and how do they intend to cover or repair it.

Private and charter jet airlines charge a carbon footprint fee to offset damage caused to the climate. Will participating governments and other bodies be doing the same? The British government and organisers have bent over backwards to ensure that sponsors and collaborators in the event are carbon and eco friendly, but doubts have been aired as to what extent.

Surely, as we emerge from the pandemic during which most global meetings were postponed, as in the case of COP26 which should have been last year, or conducted by zoom, the summit could be held on social media?