“It is quite incredible that a number of expats haven´t resolved their paperwork issues...” | MANOLO BARRO


To be honest I find it rather incredible that some expat Brits have still not sorted out their paperwork despite the best efforts of both the Spanish and British governments. It is a simple process and I don´t think that you can blame the system, it works.

The Spanish authorities have done everything in their power to ensure that British residents can easily apply for their new TIE residence cards. A special section was even created at the Foreigner´s Department to channel applications. Now, time is starting to run out. Age Spain will soon end their free advice and help service for expats who want to get their paperwork in order.

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So the clock is ticking. Having said that a large number of British expats have sorted out their paperwork over recent months. You look at official figures there has been a rise in the number of British residents on the island.

This is not because there has been a sudden influx, this is because many expats have resolved their paperwork issues. As I said in this space yesterday, Brexit, is changing our lives and you can no longer reside on the island if you do not have the right documents. It is as simple as that. If a residence application is rejected then the Spanish authorities could ask you to leave the country.

Also, to be honest, these days it is almost impossible to do anything if you do not have the necessary documents. My advice to those who still have not resolved their paperwork situation....sort it out at once.