“The European Union does appear to be remarkably quiet at the moment...” | KENZO TRIBOUILLARD / POOL

I am rather concerned....has the European Union gone missing? Apart from being involved in a war of words with Britain over the Northern Irish border the EU seems remarkably quiet. Infact, you would have thought that it had disappeared. Firstly, it had no real relevant role in the pandemic; every country did their own thing.

There was a role for Brussels to bring European Union members together and have a common policy but no. It would have made things alot easier for everyone if all European Union countries were singing from the same hymn sheet but in the end it was a case of “home alone.”

Then, there is the ongoing power crisis. European Union members do not appear to be able to agree on anything and once again it will be a question of “home alone,” with each nation doing their own thing. The French are busy talking about European Union defence again but not a word from Brussels. The European army did appear to be back on the table but it has retreated once again.

The European Union looks abit like that other failing organisation, NATO. It doesn´t appear to have a role and is not fit for purpose. The old adage better together than divided seems to have disappeared in Europe at the moment. Let us remember that it is now a European Union without Angela Merkel.

The former German Chancellor did appear to keep the European Union together. In this post Brexit period it should be a time for the EU to shine not disappear.