“Brexit is changing our lives in Spain. I can live with it but it would have been nice if someone had told us.”

“Brexit is changing our lives in Spain. I can live with it but it would have been nice if someone had told us.”

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We were told that our lives would stay very much the same and there was no need to panic but Brexit is already changing the lives of expats living in Spain. I suspect that we will get little sympathy from those living in the UK, if you don´t like your lives in the sun well come back to Britain will be the text book answer. Fine, I can live with but what annoys me is that we were not told or if we were the message never got across. The 90 day rule will have a direct impact on long-term tourists.

The fact that many British household favourites have disappeared from British supermarkets is another blow. If you want to move between Spain and Britain there is now a mountain of paperwork which your removal company will have to supply and you could even have to pay tax. Even a parcel from the UK now costs more.

Britain is now described as a “third country” by the European Union which means that as expats we have lost some of the rights we had taken for granted. In other words we were not given the full picture. Some of the problems I have highlighted above are not real headaches, they could even be described as teething problems. I suspect that the British government were scared that if they highlighted some of the obstacles which British citizens in Spain would face they could be accused of scare mongering or even the infamous “Project fear.”

Brexit will not have a direct impact on my life because I am old enough to remember the days when paperwork was a problem for Brits in Spain and expats would return from the UK will bulging suitcases of food stuffs. But that was then.


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David / Hace 28 days

Guys you are all correct many countries require along stay and tourists visas. Some like Barbados have high daily stay taxes to pay for infrastructure and finance development. All ensure the visitors are self sufficient, insurance for health and not a cost to it’s state which in my view is reasonable.few limit return times though tourism is their way to make money. The difference with Spain is roughly 25% of Spain’s beach tourism is U.K. sourced. Spain is presently running a promotional campaign to attract Brits, to long winter stays there then telling them if you do that you can’t visit in the summer or after 180days not a good sales pitch.making money is what is important why limit that ability, uses visas if needed Just a thought.


Juan / Hace 29 days

More proof if any were needed, that people did not know what they were voting for.


Stephen / Hace 29 days

@David, all the countries you mention give you only 30 days as a tourist except Mexico (180) so good luck there. So the bottom line is travel half way round the world to the "global south" under worse terms, than a 1-2 hour hop to Spain (+France, Greece, Italy, Cyprus etc. etc.)


Charlie / Hace 29 days

Ignorance of the rules is no excuse. Pre-Brexit it was easy to do a little online research to see what would be affected by the process. Nothing that has followed has come as a surprise because the information has always been there. If you decided to stick your head in the sand rather than being pro-active, that’s tough.


David / Hace 29 days

The 90 day rule damages Spain’s winter tourism industry. The rest of the world Egypt, Cuba, Dominion republic,Mexico and the rest will be clapping their hands and rightly rejoice at this foolish self imposed damage Spain is inflicting on its self. While at the same time trying to develop and promote long winter stays to improve its economy.