“The Balearics will certainly be in the driving seat next year...” | DANIEL ESPINOSA

The Balearics could be a victim of their own success next summer. This year, the French came to the rescue of the islands helping to counterbalance the drop in British tourism. Infact, I have never seen so many French tourists around the island. The Scandinavian market also performed very well, also.

At the World Travel Market fair in London the local authorities announced that they expected British tourism to return to pre-pandemic levels in 2022 (an estimated 3.7 million tourists across the islands). So who is going to tell the French that eventhough they helped save the season last year there would be no room for them next year? I can´t really see this happening.

So the Balearics are sitting pretty. In theory there will be more demand than supply which could mean that hoteliers raise their prices which would be a major blow for the British travel industry. It is evidently clear that British tourism is of key importance to the islands but this year has shown that other nationalities are on standby to fill the void.

The Balearics are not a cheap holiday destination anyhow and any increase in price would come as a major blow. Before the pandemic when the islands were enjoying a record season it was said that there were just too many holidaymakers.

There is a school of thought at the moment that the islands want fewer tourists spend more. One thing for sure if all goes according to plan, the Balearics will certainly be in the driving seat.