“There must be thousands of expat Brits with skills which are needed in Britain...” | T. AYUGA


Does the British government forget about expats? Just because we don´t live in Britain it would be nice if we were mentioned now and again. There was even an idea that expats would have their own Member of Parliament to defend their interests...but this has been quietly shelved. No vote in referendums (the Scottish independence poll or the Brexit referendum) and not much attention from Whitehall.

There are an estimated 350,000 Britons legally living in Spain (the number is probably higher because there are still British citizens who do not have their paperwork in order).

There is a massive shortage of labour in Britain since Brexit, the National Health Service alone is short of 100,000. You would have thought that the British government would have made an effort to try and entice Britons with skills to return “home” to fill-up some of the vacancies left by so-called foreign workers?

It will be no easy task because many left Britain for a reason but it would be worth a try.

There must be thousands of British doctors, nurses, tradespeople and engineers working in Spain. They have skills which are badly needed in Britain at the moment. But as usual expats are ignored by the British government who probably think that most British citizens living in Spain are of retirement age. Getting these people to leave their life in the sun will be difficult but if the necessary financial rewards were on offer I am sure that some might think about it.