Spain’s traditional political parties are losing traction to the far left and right.

Spain’s traditional political parties are losing traction to the far left and right.


The Socialist party, which currently leads the left-wing coalition government and the traditional flag bearer for right wing politics, the Partido Popular, are losing popularity and support and it would appear that a new younger generation of voter is shaping what could become a new model for politics in Spain.

On the far left we have Podemos, which recently celebrated the tenth anniversary of its true origins and on the far right we have VOX, the party which obtained the third most votes at the last general elections.

VOX is very much the new kid on the political block, it was founded in 2013 but shot out of the blocks making lots of noise and it has been heard.

Podemos adopted a more softly softly philosophical approach, but that too is being heard more than ever as Spain emerges from the pandemic with young voters being increasingly more active.

VOX is gaining support to the cost of the Partido Popular and the near defunct Ciudadanos which started life as a “liberal” party but soon began leaning further to the right. In the red corner Podemos, which is very much part of the anti-austerity movement and is very vocal on inequality and corruption, is taking votes away from the Socialists. Podemos was key to the Socialists forming the government, but will they be able to stop VOX from being the kingmaker next time around?


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Oliver / Hace 17 days

Interesting article, thank you


Mark / Hace 18 days

@Charles: yes, to call VOX a radical party, is somewhat left wing BS. We need a mix of PP and Vox policies here, to at least have some hope of reviving the economy. Problem I have with Vox, they have some good ideas, but some of their ideas/policies will put us back in the dark ages. So my hopes are pinned on PP becoming the largest party (here and in Spain). Seems what the doctor has ordered.


James / Hace 19 days

I think VOX will do very well in the next Election and judging by polls they will prop up the P.P. VOX aren't radical they want to tackle illegal immigration and believe in putting the Spanish people and its residents first. Religion is also very important to them. What we base right and wrongs on are from the Bible. I think the world has gone hysterical, woke. Whatever I was brought upto know and think was right, is now wrong. I would welcome a good strong Conservative government here. Let's face it the socialist are a joke and have achieved nothing but destroyed businesses. Inflation is through the roof. There interested in everything that is not important to the average family.


Charles / Hace 19 days

@Mark. I understand the gist of his article. My question is why he refers to both parties in question as radical, especially VOX. Their current policies are very similar to those of the Tory party in the decades after WWII. In my humble opinion, the current Democrat party is far more radical then the two he has mentioned, yet they are currently in power (just).


Mark / Hace 19 days

@Charles, I think you miss what Humprey is trying to say his article. I read it that there is more movement away from the middle, to the more radicle left and or right.


James / Hace 19 days

@Charles. Don't you know MDB is left wing newspaper. It has its certain agendas.


Charles / Hace 19 days

It would be interesting to know what the author means by “radical” when referring to political parties. Would he, for instance, consider communists to be radicals ?. Wouldn’t it have been more equitable to publish the photos of both leaders of the supposedly radical parties instead of only one ?