Instead of arguing, the UK and France need to get their acts together. | R.I.


The reality is that it is virtually impossible to stop immigrants from getting into Europe. It is now a multi-million pound business run by highly organised international criminal gangs of people smugglers which appear to have become beyond control. So, with regard to the spat between France and the UK, nothing is ever going to get done unless the two countries put their differences aside and agree on some joint controls. If the French are quite happy to turn a blind eye and let immigrants head for the UK instead of staying in France, so be it, why does not the British government take a lead?

For example, many of the immigrants are young males fleeing for their lives, looking to set up a new base in the UK and earn enough money to eventually bring the rest of their family over. So, they are keen and willing to work. If the UK currently has the most number of job vacancies on record, then why not introduce some form of proper streaming to help immigrants get work.

Instead of allegedly placing them in a “holding” position for a year until they can work, unless they are deported or slip on to the back market and off the government’s radar, give them a job. Some, if not many, may well have a great deal of much needed experience in a variety of fields. Many would have had jobs before misery struck their countries and forced them to flee. A proper proactive system would benefit everyone.