“If you don´t have the vaccine passport then your life will be different...” | R.L.

The Balearic government are starting to make life pretty difficult for those who are opposed to the Covid vaccine. From this weekend you will be unable to go to most restaurants and large numbers of bars without your vaccine passport. The government message is clear get vaccinated or be out in the cold.

Whatever people say the vaccine programme in Spain has been a big success and really there is now excuse for not having been vaccinated. I was double jabbed during the summer and I downloaded my vaccine passport from the Balearic Ministry for Health app. The whole process was simple and easy.

I can see the Balearic government also extending the vaccine passport to large supermarkets and department stores. At the moment the number of Covid cases on the island continues to rise and the government are putting the blame at their door of those who haven´t been vaccinated.

Infact, the government has said that we will be unable to enjoy a “normal Christmas” unless those who are unvaccinated get the jab. I do find it rather selfish of those who refuse the vaccine because it goes against everything which the medical profession has said. It is also putting other people at risk.

The vaccine passport and the new regulations will ensure that people will think twice about not being vaccinated. The writing is on the wall for them...if you don´t have the vaccine passport then your life will be very different and this is just the start.