Long queues at Son Dureta vaccination point. | miquel a. canellas

The Balearic government have reason to be cheerful this weekend...they have scored quite a notable victory. The long queues outside Son Dureta hospital on Friday underlined the fact that their tactics have worked. Asking bars and restaurants to demand the Covid passport from yesterday meant that hundreds if not thousands of people who were not vaccinated had little option but to get the jab. It was a question of no Covid passport....no restaurant.

This tactic has worked far better than any campaign asking if not demanding that those who were not vaccinated get the jab. The Balearic government are deeply concerned at the sudden rise in cases and the blame has been placed firmly at the door of those who are not vaccinated. Infact, the government had even blamed the non-vaccinated for putting Christmas at risk. Now, if they had ordered the unvaccinated to get the jab the whole process would have ended in the law courts. But, no.

Someone in the Consulat del Mar (the Balearic government HQ) had a cunning plan and it worked a treat! At the moment the Covid passport is limited to just bars and restaurants which have a capacity in excess of fifty people....but the list could grow. For the unvaccinated who are now getting their first jab it could mean that they have a long wait....because they will have to wait for their second jab and ofcourse their Covid passport so Christmas could be on hold for them or at least in a restaurant. The medical profession has said that the Covid passport is the way forward and the Balearic government and their cunning plan has taken their word for it.