The British public deserve better. | Reuters

The cracks are starting to appear in Boris Johnson´s government and if he is not careful he will face a leadership challenge. Obviously, he will win but the British Prime Minister is in big trouble. Not only have some of his own Members of Parliament lost faith in him so has a sizeable part of the country and it couldn´t come at a more difficult time.

Johnson may have to introduce even more restrictions....but it won´t wash with the public because it appears that there is one rule for Johnson and another for the rest of the country because the Christmas party scandal at Downing Street is not going away. What I don´t like about Johnson is that he claims to be completely unaware of all the scandals which hit his government.

He didn´t know about the alleged Christmas Party, he didn´t know that money from a party donor was being used to modernise his Downing Street flat and this is a man who is meant to be running the country. At the moment he can´t keep his own house in order let alone preside over Britain! If the situation wasn´t so serious it would be laughable. Leaving Covid to one side, the championed the cause of Brexit but no major trade deals have been signed.

The much-mentioned trade deal with the U.S. is still on the drawing board, relations with European allies are at an all time low and there is a major shortage of labour which will become more than evident this Christmas. Johnson will survive to fight another day only because the Labour Party has more deep-rooted problems than the Conservatives.

The British public deserve better. Even Peppa Pig could do a better job running Britain at the moment! The trouble is that many had doubts about Johnson´s leadership before he became Prime Minister. He probably could have bluffed his way through Brexit but Covid demands leadership not bluster.