Working from home. | ULTIMA HORA

Gridlock on Mallorca’s roads. Getting through Palma at peak time is getting increasingly difficult but to be honest the government has the answer starring them in the face.

Companies should start encouraging their employees to work from home whenever possible; apart from reducing traffic on the roads it could also contain the spread of Covid. But it shouldn’t just be a case of employees working from home. They will need financial help from their companies to pay for the electricity bill, other costs and they shouldn’t really have to provide their own equipment. In these difficult times it makes sense to have people working but away from the work place. Thousands of civil servants have only just returned to their desks after many months of working from their homes. Perhaps this decision should be reversed. Obviously, there are some disadvantages but new technology makes it really possible.

The British government are urging people to do their jobs from home and a similar campaign should be introduced in Spain. And I am not talking about a temporary measure. What is becoming increasingly clear is that Covid will be with us for many years to come. I know many people who have elected to work from home because they find having to wear a mask in the workplace complicated and uncomfortable. Let’s face it, the normal of before may not return for many months to come and perhaps we need to plan for the future.