British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss speaks at a news conference at the G7 Foreign Ministers meeting in Liverpool. | POOL

British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss was in Spain yesterday talking trade deals and how the two countries can work closer together.

Well, perhaps I can give a few suggestions: (1) Scrap the 90 day rule which has hit British holiday home owners in Spain hard, meaning that they are effectively excluded from their Spanish home if they do not become Spanish residents. This move will severely hit British investment. Perhaps the Spanish government could introduce a temporary residence system which would allow British tourists to enjoy Spain and their second homes without the need to become a resident. This system has actually existed in the past so it could be easily reintroduced. (2). Ensure that British food products are readily available in Spain. It is amazing how many food items which were readily available in Spanish supermarkets have disappeared. (3). Scrap all the red tape and taxes on British imports and exports. Even sending a letter or parcel from Britain to Spain now costs more. (4.) As Spain is the principal holiday spot for British tourists a joint agreement on Covid or even a common Covid passport which will make it easier for British tourists to come to Spain.

Since Brexit a great deal of red tape has been introduced by both the European Union and the British government. It is becoming increasingly difficult for Britons and of course Spaniards to move easily between both countries. This is my wish list, please consider!