Covid in the Balearic Islands. | ZIPI

Can we all stand up and get real? I can't believe, that against the wishes of the medical profession not just politicians, some people are refusing the vaccine and continue to flout rules on mask-wearing. Once again we are facing a serious situation with the number of Covid cases on the increase in the Balearics. If we are not careful we could find ourselves with yet more restrictions over the Christmas and New Year periods.

The Balearic President, Francina Armengol, said that the vaccine was key to keeping case numbers low. Hello, are all those who continue to refuse the vaccine listening? In Britain the situation appears to be even more out of control. Almost 100 Conservative Members of Parliament voted against their government's plan to introduce more restrictions. Perhaps, this was just meant to be a slap in the face for Boris Johnson´s government but it still shows that despite rising case numbers a considerable number of people are living in denial.

Well, perhaps it is time that they start waking up! We can't continue living like we do, with the threat of new restrictions around the corner at any time. If the medical profession say that the vaccine is the answer rather than some anonymous so-called expert online who is anti-vaccine, then we should really follow their advice. At least the vaccine passport in the Balearics has helped crackdown on those people who were refusing the vaccine. But, can we just get real?